Clicca qui per l’edizione italiana

The “Accademia della Bufala” (an Italian slang term for “The Hoax Academy”) is a nowhere-based group of friends from various walks of life (musicologists, teachers, historians and musicians) who share love of music and passion for honest research. Precisely for those reasons,they feel the need to take sides against the fake news spread around by some self-styled ‘experts’ in the fields of music history, production and performance. Our instruments are evidence-supported scholarship and hard-nosed criticism, plus irony and a certain amount of mockery whenever needed.

Over the past decade, some among us have already contributed to exposing the fanciful ‘Mozart debunkers’ both on the Web and on printed paper. The increasing rate of quakery in public discourse about music encourages us not only to proceed further in the same direction, but also to widen the scope of our action.

While the Academici do not aspire to be ‘original’ whatever the cost, they are resolved to honour their pledge of accuracy, integrity, and responsibility in the pursuit of their research efforts. They also concede they know very little about truth, yet they can generally smell the stench of bullshit whenever they happen to come across it.

(Lidia Bramani, Fabio Bruno, Renato Calza, Alessandro Cammarano, Carlo Centemeri, Paolo Congia, Michele Girardi, Marco Murara, Mirko Schipilliti, Mario Tedeschi Turco e Carlo Vitali)